2023-2025 Catalog

HUMS 230 Chemical Dependency & Family

Designed to assist students in understanding the effects of alcoholism and other chemical dependency related problems on the Native American family, including youth and family issues, co-dependence, children of alcoholics, adult children of alcoholics, developing support groups, and family focused prevention activities. Prerequisite: HUMS-170. (NE)




  1. Understand the characteristics and dynamics of families, couples, and significant others affected by substance abuse.
  2. Be familiar with and appropriately use models of diagnosis and intervention for families, couples, and significant others, including extended, kinship, or tribal family.
  3. Facilitate the engagement of selected members of the family or significant others in the treatment and recovery process.
  4. Assist families, couples, and significant others in understanding the interaction between the family system and substance use behaviors.
  5. Assist families, couples, and significant others in adopting strategies and behaviors which sustain recovery and maintain healthy relationships.