2023-2025 Catalog

HUMS 208 Law & Ethics In Chem Dependency

State and federal laws governing controlled substances and related statutes for the chemical dependency professional are covered, as are ethics for the helping professions, with special focus on ethical dilemmas unique to chemical dependency. Prerequisite: HUMS 170. (NE)




  1. Express the rationale and purpose for chemical dependency laws.
  2. Describe the origins of ethical codes of conduct.
  3. State the differences and similarities in ethical behaviors between Chemical Dependency Professionals and other helping professionals.
  4. Express the importance of laws governing substances and substance use related behaviors.
  5. Solve a variety of ethical dilemmas by using team approaches, clinical supervision and administration.
  6. Explain the laws regarding impaired professionals, and conduct, governing professional practice, including treatment agencies.
  7. Describe methods of solving ethical dilemmas using the elements of ethical standards, including when a law and an ethic are in conflict.