2023-2025 Catalog

Vision and Mission Statement

NWIC Mission

Through Education, Northwest Indian College promotes Indigenous self-determination and knowledge.

NWIC Vision

We are committed to our students, the Tribes we serve, and advancing Tribal sovereignty for the protection and enhancement of our homelands and future generations.

NWIC Core Values and Beliefs

The educational philosophy of Northwest Indian College is based upon the acknowledgement that Tribal values and beliefs are the foundation of education and must include a study of Native American culture, language, and history within the Tribal community. The College's extended campus sites participate by identifying the values and beliefs that underlie the educational approach appropriate to their communities' needs.


Our strength comes from the old people. From them we receive our teachings and knowledge and the advice we need for our daily lives.


We are responsible to protect our territory. This means we take care of our land and water and everything that is on it and in it.


Our culture is our language. We should strengthen and maintain our language.


We take care of ourselves, watch out for ourselves and love and take care of one another.


Life balance/sacred.