2023-2025 Catalog

The NWIC Cooperative Extension Office

The Cooperative Extension offers a wide variety of community education programs, workshops, conferences, and more throughout the Pacific Northwest. To date, NWIC Extension programs have been hosted by 26 of Washington’s 29 Tribes.

The NWIC Cooperative Extension mission is to promote self-sufficiency and wellness for Indigenous people through culturally grounded, multi-generational, and holistic programs.

The Cooperative Extension Office meets challenges head on by using an approach that worked for generations. Rather than turn to outside sources for help, we look within each Tribe’s own culture and traditions. It is there that we find solutions. Using traditional knowledge and problem solving techniques ensures that our programs are effective.

By seeking feedback from and genuinely listening to our many stakeholders, we are able to develop programs that meet their needs. We then offer program activities in formats and locations that are both accessible and culturally appropriate. It is common for people to join one program, and then move to another and yet another. While some programs are of short duration, people can participate for as long as they want.