2023-2025 Catalog

POLS 225 History of Federal Indian Policy

Covers the governmental policies that have shaped Indian law since 1532. Prerequisite: CSOV 101 and ENGL 101. (SS)




  1. Evaluate how the concept of "discovery" and "conquest"- as articulated in Johnson V. McIntosh- served to influence the development of Federal Indian American policy and law.
  2. Critique how the concept of "paternalism" shaped the formation of early federal Indian policy in the United States.
  3. Evaluate two periods in federal Indian policy that were designed to destroy tribalism and advance the idea of assimilation.
  4. Describe how early Indian policy contributed- both intentionally and unintentionally- toward a dependency by the tribes on the United States federal government.
  5. List several socio-economic and political trends that have served to influence federal court decisions and shape the evolution of federal Indian policy.