2023-2025 Catalog

MATH 190 Vocational Math

Designed to present fundamental mathematics concepts including: fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percent's, geometry, statistics and probability; Also introduces the student to various problem-solving strategies using "real-life workplace situations, including: accounting, business, carpentry, construction, computers, economics, taxes and finance, forestry, and manufacturing. Prerequisite: MATH 070. (NE)




  1. Apply arithmetic to trades using whole numbers.
  2. Apply arithmetic to trades using fractions.
  3. Apply arithmetic to vocations using decimals.
  4. Apply the concepts of ratios, proportion, and percent to vocations.
  5. Use measurement concepts in trade applications.
  6. Use prealgebra concepts including signed numbers, exponents and square roots in vocational context.
  7. Use basic algebra in vocational context.
  8. Use practical and plane geometry in vocational applications.