2023-2025 Catalog

MATH 102 College Algebra

Revisits and expands concepts of linear and quadratic equations and graphs from the point of view of the concept of functions and their domain. Emphasizes multiple representations of functions and their use as models for applications. Includes, but is not limited to, systems of equations, radical expressions and rational exponents. Prerequisite: C or better in MATH 099 or test above Intermediate Algebra. (NS, QS)




  1. Define, recognize, and evaluate functions.
  2. Define the domain of a function, and find the domain of linear, quadratic, and radical functions.
  3. Represent linear and quadratic functions as formulas, graphs, and tables of values; use them to model real-world applications.
  4. Make mathematical conclusions based on pertinent information and interpret them in context.
  5. Solve linear equations, and systems of linear equations .
  6. Solve quadratic equations.
  7. Define radicals with index greater than two, and explain their connection to rational exponents.