2023-2025 Catalog

HUMS 120 Survey of Chemical Dependency

Provides an understanding of addiction as a primary disease along with theoretical models. An overview of the impacts alcohol and other substances have on society historically and currently. Cultural differences with an emphasis on Native American responses to this disease are provided. (NE)




  1. Recognize and define chemical dependency as a primary disease, its history, as well as, respect and acknowledge a variety of other theoretical concepts and approaches to treatment.
  2. Demonstrate the impact of addiction on Native Americans and how it contrasts with other peoples.
  3. Identify licit and illicit substances according to their classifications.
  4. Describe physiological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral adaptations/impacts on the user.
  5. List the socio-familial-economic effects on the community as a whole.
  6. Discuss substance use which mimics mental health disorders, such as paranoia, depression, etc. (This is known as a differential diagnosis and is listed in the DSM-IV TR.)