2023-2025 Catalog

HRCM 111 Intro to Casino Management

Designed for students interested in a career in casino management or a career in general hospitality management. Students gain an overview of management skills required in casino operations, including planning, casino cage operations, soft count procedures, casino accounting, slot management, slot operations, surveillance and management strategies. (NE)




  1. Produce an organization chart of the typical revenue producing casino.
  2. Demonstrate employee management skills that produce positive results.
  3. Complete an MICS checklist I.E. from the National Indian Gaming Commission.
  4. Discuss trends and operational processes that have emerged in the last decade in hospitality Internet (research NIGC, PRNewswire, DOI, AGA, WSGC, Industry articles.
  5. Describe at least two diverse management styles.
  6. Discuss impacts of diversification and development of a Tribal Casino Enterprise.