2023-2025 Catalog

CMST 130 Information Literacy/Critical Thinking

Presents skills that enable students to function as information-literate individuals capable of using and applying current information technology. Includes an introduction to online information and reference sources, and development of research skills for effective use of information resources. Students also study the implications of living in a digital society. (HT, TE)




  1. Discriminate between fact, opinion and theory when receiving information.
  2. Create a timeline that distinguishes significant ideas and events in how people obtain and share information.
  3. Analyze the components necessary for sources and information to be considered credible.
  4. Distinguish between credible and questionable sources of information.
  5. Describe traditional native systems of storing and sharing information.
  6. Illustrate the issues involved in information literacy by examining a current controversial issue, such as a case study.
  7. Discuss the power of social networking as an agent of social change.
  8. Describe the powerful impact of information sharing on society.