2023-2025 Catalog

CMPS 101 Introduction to Computers

Provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary to use computers. Focuses on beginning-level word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation software skill development, critical thinking and information literacy skills, basic computer hardware and software functions, and the application of data security. (TE)




  1. Utilize Microsoft Word to format documents in APA style.
  2. Use spreadsheet and information design principles to communicate data (Excel/Canva).
  3. Create a digital presentation using a presentation program (PowerPoint/Canva/Prezi).
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking and research methodologies to search for and assess information on the internet.
  5. Understand technological/digital issues and professional opportunities in Native communities.
  6. Under the concept of and how to use a cloud platform (Office 365/Google Drive).
  7. Demonstrate awareness of current technology issues related to concepts such as data security, clouds, and online privacy.