2023-2025 Catalog

BUAD 202 Business Law

Principles of law as they apply to business, including history, contracts, law of agencies, rights and duties of employer and employee, negotiable instruments, personal property, insurance, conditional sales, partnership, corporations, real property, and security relations. (SS)




  1. Describe the essential differences between contract law and the provisions of Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Law dealing with sales of goods.
  2. Explain the common elements of a valid contract, and the common contract defenses.
  3. Explain the contract remedies and torts associated with contracts.
  4. Summarize the types of agency relationships and corresponding duties and liabilities in each type of relationship.
  5. Describe the formation and termination of partnerships and corporations.
  6. Describe the situations in which the corporate form of business is most advantageous and the steps in the process of formation and dissolution of a corporation.
  7. Explain the rights, duties, and liabilities of corporate directors, stockholders, and officers.
  8. Explain the difference between real and personal property and the corresponding rules of possession, transfer, and ownership.
  9. Explain the legal elements and requirements applying to estates and trusts.