2023-2025 Catalog

Catalog Disclaimer

Northwest Indian College has made reasonable effort to provide accurate information in this catalog at the time of printing. However, the College reserves the right to make appropriate changes in policies, procedures, calendars, program requirements, courses and fees without notice, and information contained in this catalog is subject to change without notice by the College President and the Board of Trustees.

Students who have maintained continuous enrollment have the option of completing the program requirements in effect in the current online catalog at the time they first enrolled or those in effect during the last quarter of attendance in which the program requirements were completed. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrolled in credit courses without interruption for more than two consecutive quarters (excluding summer quarter). If a student does not maintain continuous enrollment, he/she will be expected to satisfy any new requirements instituted in the catalog under which they re-enroll. For the most current information, please access the online catalog at www.nwic.edu.

Northwest Indian College does not currently allow more than one degree per program type at the same degree level. Students may pursue a degree different from the program they are currently declared as long as program requirements are met. Please contact your Advisor for more information.