2023-2025 Catalog

Campus Locations

Lummi Campus

Northwest Indian College’s main campus is located on the Lummi Indian Reservation, eight miles northwest of Bellingham, Washington, at the intersection of Kwina Road and Lummi Shore Drive. This campus consists of a growing number of buildings on an expanding site, which houses college-wide administrative services and instructional and student services. The Lummi fisheries department provides access to the Tribal fish and oyster hatcheries facilities to support the NWIC Bachelor of Science program which further supplements the Lummi Campus. The well-equipped science buildings include technologically advanced telecommunications centers with several distance learning classrooms. This allows for transmission and reception to NWIC extended campus sites and other equipped locations.

Extended Campus Sites

Northwest Indian College is committed to serving the educational needs of Tribal communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. This is accomplished by working cooperatively with Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Nisqually, Port Gamble, Swinomish, and Tulalip Tribal communities to sponsor classes and programs of particular relevance to them.

Instructional programming encompasses formal bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and awards of completion in several areas. In addition, other classes are offered, such as cultural, vocational/work force training, recreational, adult education, in-service seminars, and other special programming.

Interest is particularly strong at many instructional sites in classes focusing on the cultural traditions and Indigenous knowledge of the Tribal communities. A variety of delivery methods are employed to teach classes. Methods of instructional delivery include on- site teaching using local instructors, Learning Contracts (LC), Independent Learning (IL), Video Conferencing (VC), and Online Courses (OL). Classes are also offered in a hybrid modality.

Student support services are provided to extended campus sites by professional staff located at the main Lummi Campus and at various sites. Students may contact the Lummi Campus to request information and assistance with admissions, financial aid, registration, advisement, career services, and other areas of interest. At the extended campus sites, the college retains staff to offer services as well.