2021-2023 Catalog

CMST 101 Introduction to Oral Communication

Fundamental course in oral communication. Students will apply their knowledge and acquired competencies in a variety of settings, including interpersonal, public speaking, and small group communication. Prerequisite: ENGL 100. (CS, TE)




  1. Explain the relationships between interpersonal communication and self-concept, perception, and the symbolic nature of language.
  2. Describe cultural aspects of interpersonal and public communication as they relate to personal experiences.
  3. Organize and present an oral address.
  4. Describe the processes involved in oral communication by defining and characterizing its major models.
  5. Clearly communicate ideas and information orally both interpersonally and in a public address.
  6. Utilize oral organizational skills in other situations, including using the Internet, electronic library databases, or other online material for research.
  7. Define nonverbal communication and identify types.