Emergency Procedures

Northwest Indian College takes the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors seriously. We intentionally plan for predictable and unpredictable incidents and emergencies. An Emergency Management Team (EMT) is formed whenever there is a significant incident or emergency on campus. However, the EMT cannot respond to the emergency alone. Each and every person on campus is responsible to effectively respond when emergency situations arise.

The following pages provide specific details on actions to be taken for specific types of events. These guidelines are to be used by administrators, faculty, staff and students in the preparation and general understanding of actions that the college’s plans for specific types of events. While every reasonable effort will be made to respond to events, resources and/or systems may be overwhelmed. Some events provide little or no warning to implement operational procedures, and all emergency plans are dependent upon tactical execution that may be imperfect. For full information regarding how the college will respond to emergency procedures, refer to the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

Name Direct Emergency
Lummi Nation Police Department (360) 312- 2274 911
Fire Department (360) 778 - 8400 911
NWIC Security (360) 927 - 5880
EMT, VP for Campus Development & Administrative Services (360) 393 - 7546
EMT, Human Resources Director (360) 220-0585
EMT, Security Manager (360) 927-5880
EMT, Director of Facilities Maintenance (360) 815-4781

The information contained here may not be applicable to the Extended Campus Sites. The availability of resources and services vary at each campus. Please contact the local Site Manager in your area to request more information about services available at your respective campus site.

Emergency Management Team

The EMT consists of the following designated individuals:

  1. Vice President of Campus Development & Administrative Services
  2. Human Resources Director
  3. Director of Facilities Maintenance
  4. Security Manager
  5. Dean of Students

In the event that all the EMT are away from campus for more than one day, the President shall designate an alternate team with the advice of the available Executive Team members.