NWIC Math and Writing Center

The Math and Writing Center offers face-to-face and online tutoring in a variety of subjects including math, statistics, science, computer skills and English. The center is staffed with students who have excelled in the courses they tutor and have a passion to help their fellow students as well as professional tutors who hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in their subject areas.

The Math and Writing Center at Lummi Campus provides space for individual and group studies and is equipped with computers and printers which are available to students at no charge. In addition, the Math and Writing Center uses Canvas and video-conferencing platforms to offer online tutoring and academic support services. Student are invited to visit the Canvas page of the center to learn more about tutors and how to schedule an online tutoring session.

For further information about the Math and Writing Center such as the location and the tutoring hours, students are encouraged to visit www.nwic.edu/life-on-campus/math-and-writing-center or contact the Math and Writing Center by email at tutoring@nwic.edu or by phone at (360) 392 4235.