Lummi Library

The mission of the library is to support the Northwest Indian College, including students, faculty, and staff in all locations and using all modalities, and the Lummi community with research, informational, tribal, cultural, and recreational resources that enhance life-long learning.

The collections include more than 30,000 titles in print, ebook, audio, and video formats and focus on curricular support and Native American topics while including general interest and children’s materials. Subscriptions provide access to a number of electronic databases. The library also holds the personal collection of Native scholar Vine Deloria, Jr. The library catalog and other information about library services is available through the website at Purchasing or borrowing materials from other libraries are options.

Facilities include a computer lab with internet access and Office software, wireless access, photocopying and scanning, study space, and video and audio playback.

Library instruction is available individually and to classes, in person and remotely. Self-paced library instruction is available through the website. Distance learning students and faculty are encouraged to use library resources, and to contact the library for details.