2021-2023 Catalog

TVRS 302 Tribal Voc Rehab Found: Communication

Introduces the vocational rehabilitation program as an investment in people and how Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) staff must communicate in ways that show respect at all points in the process, including communicating applicant and client rights, eligibility determination, informed choice, and confidentiality. Includes an overview of strategies for communicating with the TVR agency's governing body. Prerequisite: TVRS 301




  1. 1. Describe or characterize motivational interviewing and its use within the VR process.
  2. 2. Identify the points in the VR process when a client should be notified of their rights and responsibilities.
  3. 3. Define the purpose and value of informed choice in the VR process.
  4. 4. Describe the effectiveness and practice of confidentiality policies in your TVR agency.