2021-2023 Catalog

TVRS 301 Tribal Voc Rehab Found: History

Provides an overview of Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR), including the history, the relationship between state vocational rehabilitation agencies and TVR agencies, and the role of TVR counselors in partnering with and serving individuals with disabilities. Introduces various types of disabilities and methods for testing functionalities related to independence and levels of employability. Prerequisite: ENGL 102 or ENGL 202




  1. 1. Describe three (3) concepts required in a written agreement between State and Tribal VR.
  2. 2. Analyze differences between a qualified VR counselor and an essential VR counselor.
  3. 3. Describe the sole authorities of the TVR counselor.
  4. 4. List characteristics used to determine whether a VR applicant/client meets the definition of having a significant disability.