2021-2023 Catalog

ECED 297 Practicum II: Connecting to Children

Offers a series of tasks coupled with a weekly seminar to investigate how children learn through play, enhance their social responsibility through transformative communication, take initiative, cooperate with peers, and persevere in difficult tasks. Students attend to these essential abilities and develop skills to promote them within their daily interactions. (NE)


  1. Work with classmates to construct collective understanding of responsive play, informative talk, initiative, cooperation and perseverance.
  2. Differentiate between responding to a child’s play and initiating play oneself, and respond to at least one child who does not often initiate play.
  3. Distinguish between teacher statements that make demands on children and teacher statements that give information to children.
  4. Identify examples of initiative, cooperation, and perseverance that ultimately result in children accomplishing one or more goals.
  5. Develop a project that demonstrates your understanding of connecting with children, relating your understanding to your cultural values and identity.