Travel Policy

Prior to travel and in accordance with the NWIC drug and alcohol free campus policy students will complete an Acknowledgement of Responsibility agreement. The students will agree to abstain from and not be in the presence of all drugs and alcohol while representing the college. The students will conduct themselves in the utmost respectful manner and will be held to the student conduct during travel. Any student who violates the drug and alcohol policy or Acknowledgment of Responsibility will be sent home immediately while on travel. By signing the Acknowledgments of Responsibility forms, students understand that there are sanctions imposed that are a part of this policy, which the students agree to. The student in violation of this policy is responsible for the cost of any additional travel/per-diem expenses incurred as a result of the policy violation.

In addition, before travel, students will complete an Attendance & Satisfactory Progress Verification form with each of their instructors. By signing this form, the student verifies they are in good academic standing with NWIC, have no outstanding Incomplete grades, have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better, and are currently passing all courses with a ‘C’ or better. When leaving for a trip any student who fails to show up on time for the departure will forfeit their travel for that time period and will be responsible for any fees necessary to cancel/change travel arrangements and must return to campus or home. It is also the expectation that the student return the per-diem monies to the NWIC employee responsible for that trip.