2017-2024 Strategic Plan

Core Theme 1: Engage Indigenous Knowledge

  1. NWIC implements an Indigenous governance system.
  2. NWIC establishes and sustains an internal organizational climate aligned with NWIC vision and values.
  3. NWIC implements an Indigenous research agenda.
  4. NWIC faculty and staff build the capacity to engage indigenousness and sovereignty.
  5. NWIC incorporated Indigenous knowledge in all areas of instruction.

Core Theme 2: Commitment to Student Success

  1. NWIC promotes a community of wellness and balance.
  2. NWIC fosters student leadership.
  3. NWIC supports students in achieving their educational goals.
  4. NWIC prepares students to work for and serve tribal communities.

Core Theme 3: Access to Higher Education Opportunities at All Levels for Tribal Communities

  1. NWIC provides holistic support to ensure student access at all campus locations.
  2. NWIC provides students access to a general education (GE) core grounded in NWIC values, beliefs, Indigenousness, and sovereignty.
  3. NWIC provides college preparation and support for Native youth for an academic future.

Core Theme 4: Advance Place-Based Community Education and Outreach

  1. NWIC provides educational opportunities responsive to Tribal community needs and grounded in place-based pedagogy.
  2. NWIC performs Indigenous research and builds the research capacity of students and communities.
  3. NWIC builds the capacity of Tribal communities through responsive community engagement.
  4. NWIC promotes Indigenous wellness programming to restore balanced lifestyles and Tribal prosperity.

To see Northwest Indian College’s Strategic Plan in its entirety, visit https://www.nwic.edu/institutional-effectiveness/strategic-plans-other-institutional-plans/.